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Cake Decorating Classes



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Cake Decorations

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Cake/Cupcake Pans 

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Notes regarding sale items:

1.  Prices are NOT negotiable.  These are the lowest prices that I'm willing to sell these items for.  If items do not sell after a set time then I will lower prices. 


2.  All payments must be made through Paypal or cash.  Payments made through Paypal must include the 3% charge that they will charge me.  Absolutely no checks, personal or business.  Payment can be made in person or through Paypal.  If paying through Paypal, I will send you an invoice after I total your order.


3.  Unless specifically stated, there is only one of each item listed.  Items can be picked up at my shop or may be shipped at the buyer's expense. 


4.  This website does not give me the ability to create a shopping cart system so you cannot create your shopping cart and checkout like you do on other shopping sites.  You will need to email me at and tell me what you want.  The date and time on the email will determine who requested an item first for the "first come, first serve" basis.  Any items being shipped will be through the US Post Office from zip code 76249.  I will only charge what they charge.  Larger equipment will need to be picked up or the buyer will be responsible for contracting with a shipping company to pick it up.


5.  Items will be removed from the website AFTER payment is made.  This will allow the next person in line to buy it if you decide not  to.


6.  I have tried to make sure that all the pictures accurately display what is being sold.  If you get a picture that does not load, try reloading the page.  That typically works.  Some links have A LOT of pictures so the page may take a while to load.


7.  All sales are final.